Oral Cancer Screening - Velscope Vx

Early Detection is Key


Not everything is visible by the un-aided eye. VELscope® Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System centers on a handheld scope that is used by dentists and hygienists to help visualize oral tissue abnormalities, including cancer and pre-cancer. We promise our patients the best technology when it comes to your health. 

  The VELscope handpiece shines a safe blue light into the oral cavity. When viewed through the VELscope’s patented filters, healthy tissue fluoresces green. Suspicious tissue, such as oral abnormalities that may be or may lead to dysplasia and oral cancer, has a different fluorescence signature and generally appears as a dark, irregularly shaped patch. If a suspicious lesion is detected, the hygienist will normally have the dentist view it using the VELscope as well. In some cases, questioning of the patient may reveal a logical explanation, such as a burn from hot coffee. If the lesion cannot be explained, the dentist will normally ask the patient to return for a follow-up  screening in two or three weeks. If the condition has not improved, the dentist will usually perform a surgical biopsy or refer the patient to a specialist for a biopsy.  


Examination using VELscope takes under 5 minutes to perform and at a reasonable cost to our patients. 


Early detection can more than double a patient's chances of survival to 90%.