Elsner Family Advantage Plan


What is the Elsner Family Advantage Plan?

The Elsner Family Advantage Plan is a membership-based dental savings plan that provides the quality care you deserve at a price you can afford. Members pay an annual fee to receive regular exams, cleanings and X-rays along with access to significantly reduced rates on all other restorative and cosmetic dental procedures performed in our office. Plus, the plan offers many benefits including no annual caps, no limits, and no waiting periods. This provides for quick access to the care you need!

The Elsner Family Advantage Plan helps to reduce overall dental costs for members. This ensures that they have access to top quality dental care when they need it. Thanks to the Elsner Family Advantage Plan, the quality care you deserve is now available at a bigger savings than you ever imagined possible.

Benefits of the Plan

  •  One time yearly fee
  •  No yearly maximums
  •  No deductibles
  •  No frequency stipulations
  •  No pre-authorization requirements
  •  No pre-existing condition limitations
  •  No one will be denied coverage
  •  No waiting periods (immediate eligibility)

What Does This Plan Include?

  •  2 Dental Exams
  •  1 Emergency Care Visit 
  •  (Exam & necessary x-rays)
  •  2 Routine Cleanings
  •  Full mouth series of x-rays (1 every 5 years)
  •  Annual x-rays (cavity detecting x-rays)
  •  Periodontal Plan (includes above exams and x-rays)
  •  Free custom whitening for life when you maintain your recommended continuing care schedule  and free from any restorative needs.
  •  15% discount on all other dental treatment 

What Does the Plan Cost?

Child* - $300.00 

Adult* - $350.00

Periodontal Plan** - $555.00 / $675.00

*   -Children's plan covers ages 12 and under and fluoride twice per year. 

**  -Periodontal plan is based on stage of periodontal disease. $555 plan covers 3 maintenance cleanings a year and $675 plan covers 4 maintenance cleanings per year.  

Have Further Questions?

If so, please contact our office at 317.896.1986 and we will be happy to review the plan with you. If its a cost savings option we can help enroll you! 

Ready to Enroll?

Click on the "Download" button below to print and complete the form.  Please bring it with you to your dental appointment. It's that simply!


Elsner Family Advantage Plan (pdf)